Close-Reading Questions Foldout Set

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When preparing for a close reading, teachers must prepare text-dependent questions that scaffold students’ thinking about the author’s ideas. Broken into the three phases of close reading, the Close-Reading Questions foldouts allow teachers to select the most relevant questions for each text. Two different sets of questions are available (literature/fiction and informational text/nonfiction). Each resource is organized by the reading standards, contains more than 120 questions, and includes questions common to the new standardized assessments.Set includes one copy of the Close-Reading Questions for Informational Text Foldout and one copy of the Close-Reading Questions for Literature Foldout. Printed on heavy, 11" x 17" card stock

Watch the video above as Kristina Smekens explains how asking the right questions during reading meets the requirements of the college- and career-ready standards as well as preparing students for standardized tests.

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