Trait Trackers: Tracking the 6 Traits in 20 Popular Children's Books

Trait Trackers
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Trait Trackers: Tracking the 6 Traits in 20 Popular Children's Books


This updated resource by Kristina Smekens makes it easy to use picture books as mentor text by "tracking" when and how the Six Traits appear in 20 popular titles. Featuring one bookmark-size card for each mentor text, each card offers a page-by-page citation of the Six Traits in action.

Trait Trackers help K-12 teachers:

  • Use children’s books to teach the Six Traits of writing during read alouds.
  • Develop skill-based mini-lessons using selected children’s books.
  • Utilize book excerpts that support individual traits.

Track the Traits in these popular titles:

  1. Arnie the Doughnut;
  2. Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type;
  3. Come On, Rain;
  4. Diary of a Worm;
  5. Fancy Nancy;
  6. Fireflies!;
  7. Fox;
  8. Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild!;
  9. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse;
  10. Napping House;
  11. Night Noises;
  12. Piggie Pie;
  13. Polar Express;
  14. Rattletrap Car;
  15. Recess Queen;
  16. Relatives Came;
  17. Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp;
  18. Saturdays and Teacakes;
  19. When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really, Angry . . . ;
  20. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

Grades K-12, Each set includes:1 introduction bookmark + 1 overview bookmark + 20 mentor text bookmarks. Each bookmark measures 2.75" x 8.5" and is printed on durable card stock

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