Teaching Argument Writing: Grades 6-12

Teaching Argument Writing: 6-12
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Teaching Argument Writing: Grades 6-12

ISBN: 978-0-325-01396-1

Supporting Claims with Relevant Evidence and Clear Reasoning

by George Hillocks, Jr.

Argument writing can be difficult to teach, but it may be the most important set of skills we teach in English. According to the National Common Core Standards, by the end of high school, students should be able to write arguments to support claims with clear reason and relevant evidence-and they should be able to do so "well." Designed for middle and high school students, the activities in this book will enable students to "write" strong arguments and "evaluate "the arguments of others. When they are through, students will be able, as the Common Core Standards ask, to "Delineate and evaluate [an] argument and specific claims...including the validity of the reasoning [and] the relevance and sufficiency of the evidence." Developed by George Hillocks, Jr. and others in diverse inner city classrooms in Chicago, students are easily engaged in the lively problem-solving approach detailed in this book. "Teaching Argument Writing" begins with how to teach simple arguments and moves onto those that are more complex, showing step-by-step how to teach students to write and evaluate: arguments of fact arguments of judgment arguments of policy Student handouts, activities, and models of classroom discussions are provided to help you bring these methods to your classroom.

Grades 6-12, 227 pages

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