Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason and the Golden Fleece
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Jason and the Golden Fleece

ISBN: 978-1-4342-1385-3

by Nel Yomtov and Gerardo Sandoval

Brave Jason comes to claim his throne, but the old king will not give up his rule so easily. To prove his worth, Jason must find the greatest treasure in the world, the Golden Fleece. Jason accepts the challenge, and gathers the fifty greatest heroes of Greece to help him on his quest. Jason and his Argonauts must face rampaging bears, the menacing, flying Harpies, and a six-headed monster flanked by a deadly whirlpool.

Graphic Revolve
The world's best stories, retold in dynamic, graphic-novel form. These re-visioned classics will hook your reluctant readers and thrust them face-to-face with some of history's most famous stories

Paperback, 63 pages

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